Claim of Lien
A Claim of Lien becomes necessary when payment is not received. A Lien can only be filed by someone working directly for the owner or someone providing a timely Notice to Owner. A Claim of Lien is a recorded document which is filed in the county where the property improved is located. It must be recorded within 90 days of the last day on the job and owner/lessee** must be served within 15 days of recording. The lien remains in effect for one year and must be foreclosed on by an attorney within this time. This time may be limited by an owners contest of lien which affords the lienor only 60 days to file a foreclosure. Parties that may file a lien include laborers, material men, contractors, sub- contractors, sub-sub-contractors and professionals. Parties not entitled to lien include sub-sub-sub-contractors, material men to material men, material men to sub-sub-sub contractors and unlicensed contractors.
Claim of Lien Due Date
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Claim of Lien must be recorded by:
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